Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Tourist attractions in Kenya help in creating a memorable vacation for tourist traveling to this country of African continent. Some of the best places to visit in East Africa lie in this nation. Facilities like efficient transport system, great accommodations and packages make your stay in this country a real success. The journey may begin from the capital city of Nairobi or any other city. Visiting this magical country, you are sure to get enticed by the splendid beaches, mesmerizing landscapes and the rich flora and fauna. The cities namely Malindi, Mombasa and Lamu Island are some of the famous tourist spots in Kenya.

Top tourist attractions in Kenya

Kenya is a cosmopolitan nation that interests visitors with its flora and fauna and other city attractions. From wildlife to some of the best shopping arenas, you can live it all during your visit to this African nation. Get a glimpse of the Swahili civilization in Kenya, visiting some of their settlement areas.

The vibrant cultural life of the country too is an appealing factor for tourists. People however; choose not to miss out the best attractions of the country, some of which are:

Lake Tukana

To explore the wilderness of the country, you must certainly visit Lake Turkana. A well-known lake of Northern Rift Valley, it is a major attraction to tourists from far and wide. This water body is known to be filled with crocodiles. The lake is a wonder in itself as there is a constant change of color of the water in the lake with the wind. Lake Turkana is the biggest desert lake in the world. This natural wonder is best visited during the month of June or July.

Mount Kenya

As the second highest mountain peak of Africa, Mount Kenya is one of the better locations to visit during your vacation in Kenya. People can reach the two paeks namely Nelion and Batian without much difficulty. The mountain is surrounded by forests and has snow, ice and hard rocks on it. Camping on the mountain is also easy as thee are ready huts o the mountains. Visiting this location is best during the months of January, February, and from the months of July till October. Mount Kenya also holds some great collection of rare species in the area.


Famous for being one of the first in time, Lamu is the town that ranks high among tourist pots in Kenya. The town was inhabited by Swahili settlers before 700 years. Lamu is a place that refreshes with the oceanic views and sounds that sooth. The ancient town and the beaches offer you the perfect atmosphere to unwind yourself during your stay. You can stay at some of the economical rented houses at Lamu and enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the place.

The Masai Mara:

If you are a wildlife lover, this is where you should come to in Kenya. Masai Mara lies in the western part of Kenya. Taking a parachute you can witness the biggest wildlife migration. The best time to visit this part of the country is during the dry season that is from July to the October. It is then that you get to se the annual migration of innumerable wildebeests.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Watching flamingos and other species of birds from Lake Nakuru is a real pleasure. The park shelters hippo, warthog, ostrich, lion, white rhino and other such creatures. Though the population of wildlife and birds are decreasing day by day due to several environmental hazards, it’s still a wonder to catch a glimpse of the left over beauties of this park. You can visit this part of Kenya all through the year. There are lodges and sites near the park for camping.

Shaba, Buffalo and Samburu National Parks

North Central Kenya boats of the 3 beautiful Reserves. Shaba, Buffalo Springs and Samburu are the best that you cannot afford to miss during your Kenya vacations. Ewaso Ngiro River is a spot that tourists love to come to. This place boasts of a rich collection of wildlife such as, leopard, zebra, elephant, ostriches and giraffe. You can visit this tourist attraction from June till October. There are accommodation options in the park, which allows you to enjoy the natural wonders to the fullest.

Malindi and Watamu

The petite town of Malindi is a real beauty. The beaches that surround this town make its extra special for those looking for a relaxing beach holiday in Kenya. There is a Marine Park, which is ideal location for snorkeling. Watamu lies on the southern part of the town. This destination is known for its two lagoons namely, Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay. Some of the things that a visitor can indulge in while staying at Watamu are, diving, sunbathing, sailing, rowing, snorkeling and dolphin watching. Nearby attraction to this destination includes the ancient ruins of Gedi, which was inhabited by Swahili.

Tsavo National Park

Explore the wilderness of Kenya by visiting Tsavo National Park. This is divided into East and West. The wild landscapes and rich wildlife forms the natural beauty of this region. Wildlife creatures like hippos, elephants, and crocodiles can be found at this part of the nation. You may also get to see the “Big Five”. You can visit the Tsavo National Park from the months of May till October. There are several campsites for you to lodge in.

Exploring the beauties by visiting the tourist attractions in Kenya is a wonderful idea, when in the country for your vacation. You can also check out the cities and town and enjoy being a part of the colorful culture and tradition of the residents of the nation. There are accommodation options for you to have a comfortable stay. You can also be a part of the Safari rides, elephant rides and other such entertaining activities at some of the National Parks of Kenya. You can also take part in various activities like shopping, eating, water sports and camping and make your stay in Kenya a memorable experience.

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